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The Anatomy of a Great Resume

Hahaha, Intramurial Poop Champion ’08 – ’09.

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So sad the tales of Lesbian Yellow-Sour-Fruit are ending tonight.

This clip is one of my favs from the series. 1-900-OKFACE. Classic.


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Check out this really interesting video by The Verge about Google’s improved design sensibility.

A lot, lot, lot has been made of the war between Apple and Google; iOS and Android, and I’ve definitely taken a stance, but it’s easy to overlook the fact that this whole back-and-forth is a real win for the design industry.

I know I’m not the first one by any means to highlight this trend, but I just want to reiterate how this whole thing makes me happy as both a designer and a consumer. I mean, it’s really upping our value as professional designers as companies shift from seeing design as just the pretty finishing touches to a part of the backbone of what makes a company, product, or service great.

Anyway, reeling in this rant … companies are making great strides in the area of design … that makes me excited to see what’s going to produced as a result … and that makes me happy.

(via Doobybrain, The Verge)


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A Bad Lip Reading of Beyoncé’s National Anthem.

These Bad Lip Reading kids are brilliant — love the ending of this one. I think some of these could sit pretty well in a playlist (e.g. Gang Fight).


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I really like the idea of living in a well-designed, smaller space, so this is really interesting to me (not for all I’m sure).

I just like how smaller living spaces force you to edit the number of things you own. This may have been brought about by my former obsession with Hoarders. (Now I’m all up on Long Island Medium — doesn’t Theresa Caputo’s head remind you of the Lulu Lemon logo?)

Anyway — it’s quality over quantity, non? Now, if the rent would just be proportionate to the size ….

(via Doobybrain)


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Uhhhh, this ad for Kim Kardashian perfume totally read as “CLAM” when I first saw it in a blog sidebar.

They should have not gone for the art deco thing, or just embraced the much-more-fitting name of “CLAM” seeing as how, you know ….

Also, what’s with being on every side of the box? It’s like she’s trying to shove it down our throa — no, wait, not going there.


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Common Cook Infographic

Here’s a really useful infographic by graphic designer, Shannon Lattin.

Super useful! I could have used this when I was messing up a pie dough recipe the other week. I think I’m one of the few US fans of switching to the metric system. Yeah, I said it.

(via Gizmodo)


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I like Ji Lee‘s projects. They’re simple in concept and really engaging (the first one that comes to mind is his Bubble Project that led to a whole load of knock offs similarly-inspired guerrilla art projects). His newest project, Word as Image, uses typography to define the words meaning.

I have major, major love for side projects and the sanity they help you maintain, so seeing a project like this bring turned into a neat video and published book makes me happy.

(via Gizmodo)

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Opening Ceremony Bandana Jacket

I pulled this on off of Opening Ceremony’s Instagram feed. Love this jacket, but do you think I’d get flack wearing it around the city?

My hardest city affiliations are with an East Village gay bar, a gymnastics gym I haven’t been to in two years, and Popeye’s on 14th Street. I think I’d be in the clear?I think?


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Happy holiday Friday!

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I love Pedro Almodóvar‘s films, so I was already psyched about this coming out … buuuuuut, apparently they opted for “I’m So Excited” to be the English name, so now I’m even more psyched / excited, (psychsited?).

It’s all set on a plane, so I’m going to tag this one as travel.


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Walking Dead iOS

If you’re deathly bored at work and you happen to have an iPhone or iPad, Walking Dead: The Game is free on iTunes (for a limited time, I’m assuming).

It has good reviews, so download it, lock yourself in your office bathroom, and go to town! On the game.

Download it here.


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