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Coconut is Not a Nut

Fresh Buko

Coconut water may be all the rage with the hipster set, but peep this, you bearded fiends! I woke up in the hills of Cebu at my aunt’s house to find buko, a fresh baby coconut, waiting for me. It’s literally from the tree in the yard, fifteen feet away.

It tasted like heaven. And heaven tastes like the sweet, sweet tears of hipsters after crying in their girlfriend’s lap at a Wilco concert. And hipsters taste like locally-sourced PBR transported on set-speed bicycles. Ok, I’ve gotten off track. It tasted good. Real good.

PS — I win the war, Esther.

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  1. Esther says: February 3, 20129:06 pm

    Ohhhhhh this IS WAR!!!!!

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