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Water Wigs 1

Water Wigs 2

Water Wigs 3

Water Wigs 4

Love these Water Wigs images by advertising photographer, Tim Tadder.

#S**t-you-can’t-do-with-a-smartphone-and-Instagram, non?

(via Visual News)

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This is a pretty killer ad stunt (I think it’s safe for work, they just dance). Ad agency, Duval Guillaume Modem, put this together for the Stop the Traffik campaign.

Filmed in De Wallen (Amsterdam’s Red Light District), everyone is thoroughly entertained by the choreographed dance, then they’re completely trout-slapped with some pretty sobering copy. I won’t spoil the end, but the look on their faces seems to indicate it was a pretty effective stunt.

You can check out the full post Co.Create along with their two other Must-See Marketing Stunts.

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I’m really excited for The Avengers movie because of 1) Joss Whedon‘s involvement and 2) copious amounts of spandex.

Seems that they’ve commissioned a new series of seven posters from Mondo to go along with the movie’s release. Here are two and I really like them. Movie posters can be so super, super formulaic (as seen here), so it’s nice to see that the studio actually paid up and let some artists do what they do best.


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Apparently this Oreo cookie breast feeding ad is causing a stir. (Uncensored version is after the fold.) I like it — it’s tough to come up with something engaging these days and it’s even tougher to get an original idea pushed through to actual production.

Cheers to the people at Cheil Worldwide for managing to curb Nabisco Korea from putting something bland out there (referencing the ad, not the milk — gross)

Check out the buzz over on Gawker.

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This has been floating around for a bit and I wish I could have found larger images, but Travis Pitts’ 6 Rules of Modern Poster Design, evidently, still hold true. (What’s up Hunger Games?)

Read a little bit about the project over here on his Flickr page.

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lasagnaThe people in the ads here – THEY LOOK LIKE ME! Look, mah, they look like me! In the States, I’m used to only seeing people like me in ads for either a) Chinese food, b) some sort of tutoring or test prep scheme, or c) exotic HJs (technical term, please Google Image it) in the back of HX magazine.

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