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Check out this really interesting video by The Verge about Google’s improved design sensibility.

A lot, lot, lot has been made of the war between Apple and Google; iOS and Android, and I’ve definitely taken a stance, but it’s easy to overlook the fact that this whole back-and-forth is a real win for the design industry.

I know I’m not the first one by any means to highlight this trend, but I just want to reiterate how this whole thing makes me happy as both a designer and a consumer. I mean, it’s really upping our value as professional designers as companies shift from seeing design as just the pretty finishing touches to a part of the backbone of what makes a company, product, or service great.

Anyway, reeling in this rant … companies are making great strides in the area of design … that makes me excited to see what’s going to produced as a result … and that makes me happy.

(via Doobybrain, The Verge)


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Walking Dead iOS

If you’re deathly bored at work and you happen to have an iPhone or iPad, Walking Dead: The Game is free on iTunes (for a limited time, I’m assuming).

It has good reviews, so download it, lock yourself in your office bathroom, and go to town! On the game.

Download it here.


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I’m sure it’s much more complicated, but there’s some good design theory to apply in here.

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Here’s a shot of Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic, jOBS.

Good gawd, a terrible title and a terrible actor. This calls for a Liz Lemon-level amount of eye rolling:

Liz Lemon Eyeroll

Get your Razzie speech ready, Ashton!

(via Huffington Post)


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iTunes 11

More free stuff for this Weekend of Love!

Apple released iTunes 11 — the design is much improved and is a lot, lot faster apparently. Download it now, seems like they’ve done a pretty good job with the redesign.

If you don’t believe me, BuzzFeed smushed together 3 Ways the New iTunes Sucks Less. It’s a good Friday read because … uh … it’s only 3 items long.


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To me, the iPhone 5 unveiling means more videos of the hotness that is Jony Ive, so I’ve posted Apple’s latest promotional video accordingly.

Now, I’ll probably get the iPhone 5, but I think that someone over in Cupertino needs to take some initiative and make Siri sound more like Sir Jony. I could listen to his voice f*ck up voice commands all day long, returning shirtless pictures of “Johnny 5” instead of “Jony Ive” for example ….

Not only is he an amazing designer (who also gives iOS’ skeumorphism the stink eye), he’s also gotten 1000% hotter with age (video to support this claim is available here).

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MacBook Pro

AppleCareTo AppleCare or not to AppleCare?

In the next couple weeks I’m going to be taking this pony show back on the road, so I’m trying to order a laptop that I can actually handle all the programs I need for client work (this poor lil’ old guy is currently up for sale).

I’m settled on the MacBook Pro Retina, but do I really need AppleCare? It’s pretty expensive for this laptop — I usually drop a quick no, but this really is the most expensive piece of tech I’ve ever bought. I did the research and it doesn’t include accidental stuff like dropping, kicking, spilling fluids on (gross!), but I’m thinking it might come in handy when I travel because of the global repair help.

Side note: when I was in Asia at the beginning of this year, my MacBook literally became infested with ants. I brought it to a Mac reseller and after they were done giving me crazy judgmental stares, they offered to charge me some ridiculous amount to send it off to the closest Apple repair shop. I ended up just wrapping it in plastic for a few days, squishing the occasional one that would come out of the keyboard, and letting them die off. 

Anyway, I don’t know if anyone actually reads this, but if you have any instances where AppleCare has been super useful or a total waste, comment or let me know! I gotta hit the road to find more travel gems.

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Gizmodo has a post of the next possible iPhone design. Well, the back of it at least. If this is really it, I think it looks le gorge (gorgeous).

I like the combination of the aluminum with the black or white glass. I mean, these days, there’s only so much of the physical handset to design and I think Jony Ive has done a good job here (if this indeed the next design). Soon, they’re going to have to address some of Apple’s questionable OS design. I wish he’d get involved with that stuff too ….

The post from Gizmodo is available here.

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Wow, if this is true, this is pretty great — according to Gizmodo, black iPhone 4‘s are in short supply, so if you bring your broken iPhone 4 into Apple for them to look at, they may just replace it with an iPhone 4S!

I wouldn’t be surprised if they do, they’re pretty great about replacing products that aren’t working. When I got my iMac, they gave me a free keyboard since I wanted one with a number pad. No questions asked, no begging-voice needed, they just sent that stuff right along. I guess they do have enough cash to keep their customers happy ….

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Gnerd alert! Apparently a company called Air Aroma has created a scent that smells just like an Apple MacBook.

It’s interesting? Must smell better than a Windows scent or an Android + random handset maker scent. I’d actually like to smell this if it does go into production. I’d also like to try it on some Apple employee friends and see how they react to it (sheer anger or pure bliss?).

Read the full story here on Co.Design.

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