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Porchetta 1

Porchetta 2

This past weekend I cooked up my first porchetta in preparation for my family’s annual Christmas Eve party. It turned out really, really well (I was surprised), so you better believe I Instragrammed the sh*t out of it.

Surprisingly, making a porchetta wasn’t super difficult! The only thing I’d recommend is having a second set of hands around when it comes to the rolling and tying the lot (you have to roll a pork tenderloin inside a slab of scored pork belly then truss it).

The recipe is from I Am a Food Blog. They have some killer stuff on there. I totally recommend it if you’re stumped as to what to cook during the holidays.


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Sustainable Thanksgiving Infographic

I recently had a conversation with my close friend E over at Work Freely Blog about sustainability and how to incorporate it into everyday business practice.

I asked her really pertinent questions like, “What’s that?” and “Can you use smaller words?

Long story short — E’s expertise paid off because she won me over and is going to help me figure out how pick up my sustainability game.

Anyway, I saw this sustainability infographic on GOOD on how to have a sustainable Thanksgiving (or any food-related holiday for that matter) and thought it’d be a great, graphically-inclined post to lead into the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving!


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I’ve been posting on this blog for just under a year and in the last few weeks, I’ve been pretty lazy about putting together new posts. I’ve been completely distracted with recent travel to Asia, taking Instagram photos and making short travel videos, but I’m going to get my s**t together again!

I really thought no one read this thing, but it took a talk filled with Bela Karolyi-level encouragement with my close friend D to make me realize I should plug away. (Her reasoning being that people who try to write a blog typically quit just before the one year mark, which is exactly where I am.)

So this is my sincerest apology to you — iPad cat, accidental page loader, and reclusive twin extreme couponing sisters with a joint AOL email account who all regularly frequent my site — for not posting more in these last few weeks.

I’m going to get back to it and persevere Gen Y-style!

(“Sorry I’m Late” by Tomas Mankovsky)

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Wood&Faulk Bag

I’m obsessed with this Wood&Faulk bag. Great for carrying a portfolio perhaps?

Wood&Faulk is easily one of my favorite new sites. Their projects are super fun and have made me completely interested in sewing leather. I’ve already made my first passport holder.

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Top Ten Books

After being surrounded by old women at a pool in Florida, I’d say that that horrible Fifty Shades of Gray granny porn dribble is working its way up the charts.

via Jared Fanning on VisualNews

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A lovely summertime recipe for Elote, or Mexican street corn, by Claire Thomas’ Kitchy Kitchen.

The beginning is oh-so suggestive! Food porn at its best.

Oh, and I love the song. #downloaded

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Ooo, check out the London Olympic tickets that were just released! I like the calendar ring detail for the date. The stadium icon is seems really useful too.

Overall, much better than the Lisa Simpson-BJ Olympic logo that’s been slogged around! *Yikes*:

Full post is over on Creative Review.

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Upside Down N! Documenting the oft-occuring typographic offense of flipping the ‘N” upside down. Let’s raise awareness, people!

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Check out these servings of sushi thought up by Sam Sugimoto from CHAYA in the video “Sushi Time: His and Hers“. Sam created plates of sushi tailored by sex.

Surprisingly, I think I’m more drawn to the plate for men (I thought I’d be swayed otherwise, that’s me stereotyping myself). It actually seems more along the lines of something I’d order a la carte.

Anyway, the video was done by food blog, StomachLife.com, and is part of a three-piece series. Check out the Vimeo page here.

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All creatives want to feel like they’re fiercely original; I suspect this trickles all the way down to when and where they were born (and how amazingly creative they were even as children, blah, blah, blah ) — well this interactive infographic by VizWiz will show you just how common and unoriginal you are/your birthday is!

My birthday just happens to 247th out of 366 which corresponds to a nice-ish tan fleshy color. It is a really interesting infographic, but why did they choose this color range? It’s kind of gross. It kind of looks like a pixelated shot of a … yeah … think Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton exiting a sports car … *SHUDDER*.

Check out the interactive piece from the VizWiz blog here.

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Kitchy Kitchen cooking videos make me happy — the visuals are beautiful, the recipes look amazingly tasty, and the recipes are broken down into manageable bits.

The latest is this Chocolate Brown Butter Bread Pudding recipe (click through for the full list of ingredients). Don your elastic band eating pants and prepare to Chocolate Brown Butter explode in them after watching it. Delicious.


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GalapagosPart of the reason why I’m doing this whole design while traveling thing is because of the crazy people I’ve surrounded myself with. They provide me with lots of those Sarah McLachlan-sad-dog inspiration moments. One of them is the brilliant, super-lovable Aimee Styler. She’s currently in the Galapagos and sent along this great photo.

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