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Check out this really interesting video by The Verge about Google’s improved design sensibility.

A lot, lot, lot has been made of the war between Apple and Google; iOS and Android, and I’ve definitely taken a stance, but it’s easy to overlook the fact that this whole back-and-forth is a real win for the design industry.

I know I’m not the first one by any means to highlight this trend, but I just want to reiterate how this whole thing makes me happy as both a designer and a consumer. I mean, it’s really upping our value as professional designers as companies shift from seeing design as just the pretty finishing touches to a part of the backbone of what makes a company, product, or service great.

Anyway, reeling in this rant … companies are making great strides in the area of design … that makes me excited to see what’s going to produced as a result … and that makes me happy.

(via Doobybrain, The Verge)


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Uhhhh, this ad for Kim Kardashian perfume totally read as “CLAM” when I first saw it in a blog sidebar.

They should have not gone for the art deco thing, or just embraced the much-more-fitting name of “CLAM” seeing as how, you know ….

Also, what’s with being on every side of the box? It’s like she’s trying to shove it down our throa — no, wait, not going there.


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Tom Daley Butt

C’mon … British Gas knew what they were doing here with this logo placement … and Tom Daley must have too!

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New eBay Logo

eBay on iPhone

eBay on Shopping Bags

Online auction site, eBay, has a new logo.

It’s an improvement, but — maybe it’s because I’m so used to their previous logo of seventeen years; my initial reaction was to read it as “ebb-ay” as if the four letters formed one word. I wonder if I’m in the minority here ….

Anyway, eBay has put together a cool little site with a letter from their president, as well as shots of the new logo in action. Check it out here.

Update: Isn’t it a little Benneton-y? They seem to use all caps in their branding and they’re obviously not identical, but their brands do share some common ground, no?

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Posting a lot of Olympics stuff lately. I can’t help myself. StockLogos has compiled Olympic logos from the last 100 years.

Ew — Atlanta’s is pretty gross.

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Ooo, check out the London Olympic tickets that were just released! I like the calendar ring detail for the date. The stadium icon is seems really useful too.

Overall, much better than the Lisa Simpson-BJ Olympic logo that’s been slogged around! *Yikes*:

Full post is over on Creative Review.

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HP logoHP has a new logo! Exciting stuff for such a boring company. I like it. From what I’ve read so far, it seems that a lot of people are giving them flack. I think it’s pretty ballsy of them — to me they seem like a nice warm glass of Metamucil when it comes to the cool-factor scale.

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I know, I know — I AM 5 YEARS TARDY TO THE BLOG PARTY, but alas great Internets, I am here. Design and pop culture are my passions and as I travel motherland Asia and adopted (through drinking habits) motherland Europe in the New Year, I will be searching for all things great in design and pop culture.

I will also take every chance I get to feature Kim Zolciak’s wig-situation. Boom.

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