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One of the great things about being back in Brooklyn? Shopping at Alter.

These sneakers made me do a double take. I don’t know if I could pull them off, but I like things that are made with a wink and a nudge (and maybe a poon-jab). I don’t know what that means.

Check out the shoes in Alter’s shop here.

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Back to Brooklyn it is (for a week and a half)! Headed back for the 99% Conference, chase down some freelance stuff, and pour two pints of Yeungling out for my homeboy AIW.

For these next few posts, that little highlight to the right should really say “Bolt Bus” instead of “Boston”. Buuuuuut, travel is travel, so I should be grateful — really looking forward to waking up in Brooklyn.

PS — the video is by Fifty People, One Question.

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I’ve been thinking about picking up a new hobby for my Spring travel-downtime that I have coming up (I’m headed home to the States next week to work for a bit so I can continue my travels). I’ve been wanting to experiment with pies a lot lately (in the food sense ONLY), and this video make me want to try it out for reals.

That chocolate pie looks killer! Finding a Pie Corps pie is on my to-do list for when I’m back visiting Brooklyn.

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Photos by Steven Siegel

Steven Siegel

I have a complete and utter obsession with New York City in the 1980’s. I would constantly ask my friend Andrew what it was like to live in New York back then when it all seemed so gritty and raw.

Photographer Steven Siegel has a great set of 80’s New York shots over on Flickr. There are some really interesting ones in there that show just how much the city has changed. Color me fascinated. Check them out here.


PS — This past summer, Third Streaming had a great photo exhibit of the 80’s cruising scene down on the piers by Alvin Baltrop. I have to find some shots from that show and post them. Also, any further suggestions as to where I can get my 80’s New York fix would be greatly appreciated!



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Fresh Buko

Coconut water may be all the rage with the hipster set, but peep this, you bearded fiends! I woke up in the hills of Cebu at my aunt’s house to find buko, a fresh baby coconut, waiting for me. It’s literally from the tree in the yard, fifteen feet away.

It tasted like heaven. And heaven tastes like the sweet, sweet tears of hipsters after crying in their girlfriend’s lap at a Wilco concert. And hipsters taste like locally-sourced PBR transported on set-speed bicycles. Ok, I’ve gotten off track. It tasted good. Real good.

PS — I win the war, Esther.

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Chalkboard ComparisonCheck out these great hand lettered chalkboard drawings by Brooklyn Graphic Designer, Dana Tanamachi, then check out the chalkboard wall from my old apartment in Brooklyn courtesy of some classy friends during my house warming party.

Dana’s work has been all over the blogs, she’s been commissioned for a number of chalkboard lettering jobs, and can also be found guest lecturing on her work at Universities.

My friends’ work, entitled “/AGINA FART” was commissioned by excessive liquor consumption during a hot, air conditionless September night. You can usually find them guest lecturing to the sober person next to them while drunk at happy hour (you know who you are) and their lewd stick-figures-doing-nasting-things illustrations can be found drawn on bar napkins with their phone number scrawled across them, which are then sent to a stranger down the bar with a well shot and a wink (and you know who you are!).

Check out the full article on Dana over on iDsgn. Check out more shots of my chalkboard being defiled after the fold.

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