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Protest Sign

From the Teachers Union strike in Chicago.

(via Gawker)

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You know why you guys work for tips? Because no one would stick the whole thing in.

The absolute best thing you’ll see this Friday.

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I LOVE this. If only for the reason that it will get people to stop eating those terrible, flavorless, horrible winter tomatoes look like tomatoes, but taste like sweet nothing. They’re ripened by gas, people! Ugh, why would you ever put something so flavorless in your mouth?!

In.gredients would help us to get back to putting good, seasonal produce in our mouths. “Put good, flavorful things all up in your mouths.” I smell a possible Clio Award for this tagline.

via Swiss-Miss.

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This is a pretty killer ad stunt (I think it’s safe for work, they just dance). Ad agency, Duval Guillaume Modem, put this together for the Stop the Traffik campaign.

Filmed in De Wallen (Amsterdam’s Red Light District), everyone is thoroughly entertained by the choreographed dance, then they’re completely trout-slapped with some pretty sobering copy. I won’t spoil the end, but the look on their faces seems to indicate it was a pretty effective stunt.

You can check out the full post Co.Create along with their two other Must-See Marketing Stunts.

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Chacho Puebla

Chacho Puebla released Volume 2 of his Grandmother Tips for Social Media.

I like it. Check it out the series here.

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