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Crappy Photoshop Jobs


Uhhhh, this ad for Kim Kardashian perfume totally read as “CLAM” when I first saw it in a blog sidebar.

They should have not gone for the art deco thing, or just embraced the much-more-fitting name of “CLAM” seeing as how, you know ….

Also, what’s with being on every side of the box? It’s like she’s trying to shove it down our throa — no, wait, not going there.


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“With all due respect that’s a bunch of malarkey.”

Just thought I’d plop these interesting shots side by side.

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Whore Magazine

Whore Magazine!!! This amazing Photoshop Fail/Gem is via the sublime brilliance that is DListed.

(The magazine is actually called “Where”.)

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Vogue Cover

Lady Giggles

Gaga on the cover of Vogue’s September issue. What’s with the shape of her body? Totally ridic when you look at un-doctored footage. Fail.

On another note — the documentary, The September Issue, is still available streaming on Netflix. Check it out for a great insight into the creative process behind the famous Fall issue by Vogue. Really great look into their creative process and you even get a bit of Graphic Design. Grace Coddington, Creative Director, has some great tips on how to work for a difficult boss (i.e. the devil) in there too. I highly recommend it.

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I love it when people take it a step too far. With Photoshop.

Check out the original here.

(via The Whoa)

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Brilliance via Buzzfeed.

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Good gawd, these are some horrendous stock photography shots from the 90s. I mean, is this what they really pictured the future to be like?

My second thought was that there have to be a few shots of equally terrible pre-fame stock images of celebrities floating out there … then I remember Amy Poelher showing some off during Conan (pretty sure it was Conan) — her’s is posted below. She’s a gem!

Gizmodo has more of the terrible stock photos from the 90s here.

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This post is partially tagged under “Crappy Photoshop Jobs”, but some of these are pretty damn good. Beardos have been all the rage for a while, so the people over at Freaking News are having a Photoshop contest to see who can slap some face-fuzz onto a lady celeb to make a timeless face-situation.

Take a scroll through, you’re sure to find a few gems that leave you laughing, but also a little confused (both upstairs and downstairs).

Highsnobiety has some of the highlights available for perusing here.

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Wet Hot American Summer Website

Vintage websites are kind of a crazy thing. It’s nice to see how far web design has come.

During my ‘Not Fair’ post, I was trying to find an image of the make out girl from Wet Hot American Summer and I stumbled on their old 2001 website — IT’S STILL LIVE! Take a look around if you get a chance. (In my screenshot, you can see I Googled that term in the top right corner.)

2001 was light years ago in terms of websites. Man, back in 2001 I was still a college kid rushing to find the Stab and Grab on Main Campus at Temple so I could drink a forty of Old E while finding out whether Felicity chose Ben or Noel in the end (shout out, Sh(man)non).

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lasagnaThe people in the ads here – THEY LOOK LIKE ME! Look, mah, they look like me! In the States, I’m used to only seeing people like me in ads for either a) Chinese food, b) some sort of tutoring or test prep scheme, or c) exotic HJs (technical term, please Google Image it) in the back of HX magazine.

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Taylor Lautner CoverOk, first off,as a Graphic Designer, I think this scraped-together cover looks totally, totally fake right off the bat (maybe I’m biased). But secondly, how rude!

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