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Common Cook Infographic

Here’s a really useful infographic by graphic designer, Shannon Lattin.

Super useful! I could have used this when I was messing up a pie dough recipe the other week. I think I’m one of the few US fans of switching to the metric system. Yeah, I said it.

(via Gizmodo)


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Porchetta 1

Porchetta 2

This past weekend I cooked up my first porchetta in preparation for my family’s annual Christmas Eve party. It turned out really, really well (I was surprised), so you better believe I Instragrammed the sh*t out of it.

Surprisingly, making a porchetta wasn’t super difficult! The only thing I’d recommend is having a second set of hands around when it comes to the rolling and tying the lot (you have to roll a pork tenderloin inside a slab of scored pork belly then truss it).

The recipe is from I Am a Food Blog. They have some killer stuff on there. I totally recommend it if you’re stumped as to what to cook during the holidays.


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Edible Candy Cane Spoons


(via Gizmodo)


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Sustainable Thanksgiving Infographic

I recently had a conversation with my close friend E over at Work Freely Blog about sustainability and how to incorporate it into everyday business practice.

I asked her really pertinent questions like, “What’s that?” and “Can you use smaller words?

Long story short — E’s expertise paid off because she won me over and is going to help me figure out how pick up my sustainability game.

Anyway, I saw this sustainability infographic on GOOD on how to have a sustainable Thanksgiving (or any food-related holiday for that matter) and thought it’d be a great, graphically-inclined post to lead into the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving!


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Ice Cream Ball 1

Ice Cream Ball 2

Ice Cream Ball 3

Ice Cream Ball 4

“Häagen-Dazs Turns to a Design Studio to Reinvent the Ice Cream Bar”

Design + Food? YES. Looks amazing, but logistically, it may be pretty difficult to eat on a hot day … regardless I WANT ONE.

(via Co.Design)

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Sushi Etiquette

Eating sushi anytime soon? Take a look over this useful graphic illustration some important sushi etiquette.

(via Visual News)

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Planet Lollipops

Love these Planet Lollipops — available on Etsy by Vintage Confections.

(via Highsnob)

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Meat Cuts Posters

Meat Cuts: Beef

Meat Cuts: Lamb

When it comes to hanging art in kitchens, I’m not really into landscapes, pictures of flowers, or baskets. I like … like … really great photos of really delicious food (a la the photo in Liz Lemon’s office) or interesting prints that are actually about food — basically I like a kitchen that makes you excited to eat and art that contributes to that.

These Meat Cuts posters by Chasing Delicious are a good example of the latter. If you only eat white meat or things only off the bone, then these probably aren’t the prints for you, buuuuut if you’re going for a sort of homage to old-school butcher shops, then these are right up your alley. Or counter.

(via Selectism)

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Fried Pizza

I have a terrible, terrible diet. If I was to ask Miss Cleo who my diet-twin was, she would probably tell me it’s Mrs. Honey Boo Boo Child / Honey Boo Boo Child’s mom / Lady Boo Child IV of Devonshire, or whatever people call her. Point is, I’m like two fat girls trapped in a single man’s body.

When I was at my local bookstore flipping through GQ, fawning over Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I came across this recipe that pretty much made me scream “HOT DAMN!”


The second I read the recipe, I fell in love and made one the next day. I’ve made a quite a few over the last month or so and they’re effing AMAZING. Crispy, soft, not too oily (if your oil is hot enough), and quicker than making a regular pizza! It’s a perfect win-win-win-lose situation — I can’t recommend it enough.

Tonight I’m actually trying it out with wheat dough. Why? I have no idea.

If you want to try it out for yourself, the recipe is available here via GQ.

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Chick-fil-A has been in the news a lot lately, mainly because they are bigots. I found their most recent blunder of impersonating a teenage girl to be hi-lar-ious (check it out here on Gizmodo).

A lot of friends have expressed how they’re no longer going to eat at Chick-fil-A in support of the LGBTQ community, but there’s the one issue that seems to pop up a lot — their sandwiches are delicious. Dah!

That’s where this video comes in! HilahCooking over on YouTube posted this video on how to make a Chick-fil-Gay sandwich. Now you can eat a delicious sandwich WITHOUT supporting some backwards-thinking fast food chain. Anyway, spread the word! People should be cooking more at home anyway, so this, to me, seems like a triple win.

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A lovely summertime recipe for Elote, or Mexican street corn, by Claire Thomas’ Kitchy Kitchen.

The beginning is oh-so suggestive! Food porn at its best.

Oh, and I love the song. #downloaded

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Loved it so much in the street corn video, I made it this week’s Friday Song!

This one goes out to my absolute favorite Brazilian, HoosierPattie.

PS — The video might be a little porn-y for work. No full-on nip, but a bit of boob-caressing and fruit-laden sumo wrestler riding — basically if anyone questions you, just tell them it’s Brazilian. A Brazilian morning kids show. About fruit.

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