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Uhhhh, this ad for Kim Kardashian perfume totally read as “CLAM” when I first saw it in a blog sidebar.

They should have not gone for the art deco thing, or just embraced the much-more-fitting name of “CLAM” seeing as how, you know ….

Also, what’s with being on every side of the box? It’s like she’s trying to shove it down our throa — no, wait, not going there.


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Notabag 1

Notabag 2

I love the concept of Notabag — it’s a convergence of a reusable shopping bag and a backpack.

Companies like, most prominently, Apple, make convergence look easy, but I think it’s really difficult on any level. Things tend to get overly complicated, when merging the functionality of two objects really needs to be kept as simple as possible — think of how many ways you could merge a shopping bag and a backpack and how many ways it could turn into a disaster. Seeing this simple and really useful bag makes me happy. (I could totally use one for travel.)

Notabag is a Kickstarter project by Adnan Alicusic, so if you like it and would like to see it go into production, help fund their project here.


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Yoko Ono‘s getting so much attention for her line at Opening Ceremony — my hope is that in the madness of all the fashion publicity, people take time to listen to this beautiful cover by Yoko …


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ASOS Chevron Sweater

It’s normal right? When Christmas shopping for others you inevitably find stuff for yourself?

Well, I’m putting it out in the ether that I want this ASOS sweater. I do need something to wear for Christmas and for when I go out in my hometown and see all people from high school I didn’t like looking fatter and more divorced. Tis’ the spirit!

I think it’d look great under a blazer.


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These Are Things 1

These Are Things 2

These Are Things 3

I was just doing some Christmas shopping, so naturally I got distracted and found a bunch of stuff for myself.

I LOVE this world map by These Are Things. I’ve been looking for a good map for my office space as a nod to this past year of travel and design. I’ve been looking for a vintage map this whole time, but after seeing this I think I may go vintage-style print.


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NAVYBOOT Oxford Bootie

While looking for tux appropriate shoes for my friend’s wedding, I came across these Oxford Booties by NAVYBOOT. I don’t think I’d normally wear these, but there’s just something about them.

For some reason, they make me think of Little House on the Prairie, which makes me think of Shannen Doherty, which makes me think of her Grade-A bitch face and diastema, which ultimately makes me want them even more.

Unfortunately, they’re priced at $475 USD and they seem to be impossible to buy unless you go to one of their physical stores in Europe or China. Hasn’t anyone told them about the click and mortar business model?

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Yield Picnic Bag Blanket

I just bought one of these Yield Picnic Bag Blankets as a Christmas present for my sister-in-law (I really hope she doesn’t read this).

It’s a great design and is domestically manufactured, but I also think it’d be great to use as a bring-along playmat / toy carrier for my 19-month-old niece. Check out the video if you get a chance.

(via SwissMiss)

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Wunder Blunder 1

Wunder Blunder 2

Wunder Blunder 3

After designing some notepads for retail and dabbling in leatherwork, I’m always looking for the next simple, clever consumer product idea. This here Wunder Bundler, by Poler Stuff, is definitely a Wish-I-Thought-of-That project.

Warm beers: global issue? No. Warm beers: first-world problem? YES! Love it.

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Carrera Helmet

Carrera Helmet 2

Carrera Helmet 3

Now that fall weather is here, I’ve been doing a little bit of biking (I just can’t bring myself to workout in the summer … back sweat … mouth breathing … it’s not pretty).

I have an oddly-shaped cranium, so this cool helmet design by Carrera is right up my alley. I like the added benefit of it fitting more easily in a bag. Clever design in action.

(via Gizmodo)

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Every year I resolve to improve my posture, so at first I thought this RISR device that works with your smart phone was pretty cool. RISR is “a wearable sensor network that teaches you how to improve your body language through vibration feedback.”

Interesting right? Something that can help you actively engage the right muscles to improve your posture? Neat!!! Except — the video gets really creepy.

– Apparently the nodule right below your neck acts as a sensor. Creepy.
– The sensor is intended to read your selected target. Creepier!
– You pick a mode in the app, such as “Attraction Mode” and the app will guide your body language in that selected manner. CREEPIER!
– Then “the  target will be permanently tracked, and the vibrations give feedback on how to position yourself.” F***ING CREEPY!!!

I think they basic concept of the device and app are really neat, but this thing really went from zero to creepy super quick. I just can’t get around the fact that it has a camera that tracks targets … and it’s kind of weird how they imply at the end that he’s going to have sex with his “target”. What’s he going to do when he takes his shirt off? Well, I’d actually like to see that part. How hard do you think she’d slap him when he explained what it is?

This actually seems like what could be the beginnings of “Sight” by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo:

(RISR via Gizmodo; Sight via Towleroad)

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Planet Lollipops

Love these Planet Lollipops — available on Etsy by Vintage Confections.

(via Highsnob)

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Meat Cuts Posters

Meat Cuts: Beef

Meat Cuts: Lamb

When it comes to hanging art in kitchens, I’m not really into landscapes, pictures of flowers, or baskets. I like … like … really great photos of really delicious food (a la the photo in Liz Lemon’s office) or interesting prints that are actually about food — basically I like a kitchen that makes you excited to eat and art that contributes to that.

These Meat Cuts posters by Chasing Delicious are a good example of the latter. If you only eat white meat or things only off the bone, then these probably aren’t the prints for you, buuuuut if you’re going for a sort of homage to old-school butcher shops, then these are right up your alley. Or counter.

(via Selectism)

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