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If you’re a designer and your friends think you drink too much, here’s THE article.

This just made my life.

(Note: if you, by chance, work in HR — PLEASE forward this onto your creative department. It will save both you and your creatives a lot of grief.)

(via Lifehacker)


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Best Jobs in America

Sorry, it’s a little blurry (and the infographic is a little ugly to start with), but this article features an infographic of the best jobs in America. I get the “Online Employee” thing — that sounds nice — but some of them just sound terrible to me ….

Actuary, really? Financial Analyist? Securities Trader? I get it, high median pay … but a lot of them seem like jobs that leave people with a mid-life crisis at some point.

Is there not a better way to try to calculate great jobs where actual happiness is a factor (with median pay being only a contributing factor)?


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iTunes 11

More free stuff for this Weekend of Love!

Apple released iTunes 11 — the design is much improved and is a lot, lot faster apparently. Download it now, seems like they’ve done a pretty good job with the redesign.

If you don’t believe me, BuzzFeed smushed together 3 Ways the New iTunes Sucks Less. It’s a good Friday read because … uh … it’s only 3 items long.


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Sustainable Thanksgiving Infographic

I recently had a conversation with my close friend E over at Work Freely Blog about sustainability and how to incorporate it into everyday business practice.

I asked her really pertinent questions like, “What’s that?” and “Can you use smaller words?

Long story short — E’s expertise paid off because she won me over and is going to help me figure out how pick up my sustainability game.

Anyway, I saw this sustainability infographic on GOOD on how to have a sustainable Thanksgiving (or any food-related holiday for that matter) and thought it’d be a great, graphically-inclined post to lead into the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving!


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Noma Bar

Initially, the graphic by Noma Bar caught my eye, but if you get all hot and bothered for the Olympics and and all of those super-fit athletes like I do, then this ESPN article is a total must-read.

I’ve heard that the Athlete’s Village is Olympian hookup central, but Sam Alipour took some much-appreciated initiative, interviewed some athletes, and wrote a whole piece on it. Someone needs to get on the UNCENSORED reality show train for this one. Hot Olympic pieces doing other hot Olympic pieces? PURE GOLD.

I’m off to write from London in about a week, so handing out towels in the Sex Village is officially on my to-do list.

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