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Sushi Etiquette

Eating sushi anytime soon? Take a look over this useful graphic illustration some important sushi etiquette.

(via Visual News)

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Hipster Wedding Infographic

If you’ve been to an upstate barn wedding in the past couple years (where some drunk hipster has inevitably peed PBR-remains into one of the charming mason jars), here’s a useful infographic over on Refinery29.

I feel like the next Microsoft Bing commercial will be set at a hipster barn wedding. Or has that happened already?

(Thanks to my trans-Atlantic designer / happy hour / Queens Comfort friend Kat for the heads up!)

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Luke and Leia

C3PO and R2D2

Storm Trooper and Boba

I love these 80’s high school-inspired Star Wars illustrations by Denis Medri. I heard that the Star Wars Clone Wars animated series is pretty good, but this would make for a pretty cool remake if it was made into an actual show or comic.

I’m nerding out her here — pretty, pretty sick! (There’s some other great stuff on his personal site as well, so be sure to check those out.)

(via BuzzFeed)

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I liked the Scissor Sisters‘ last album. The new one, Magic Hour, I’m not as up on, but this beer-label-inspired video for “Baby Come Home” is pretty fab and is making it grow on me.

Scissor Sisters always brings the interesting visuals. I loved the 70s cult-y porn vibe that they brought with “Invisible Light” (the spitting in the hole in the hand kind of stuck with me for a bit).

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The first episode of Legend of Korra (the new continuation Avatar: Last Airbender series) is available for free download on iTunes HERE.

If my distasteful love for a (supposedly) terrible cover of a song wasn’t bad enough, admitting my love for the animated Avatar series from Nickelodeon should put me in official Gnerd territory. I embrace it, the first series was amazing (although M. Night Shyamalan’s live-action movie was TER-RI-BLE).

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iTunes U is kind of an amazing resource that doesn’t get enough attention — on it you can find tons and tons of really great audio and video lectures.

One thing that I stumbled upon was the availability of Calligraphy Heritage video lectures from Reed College (link to the video in iTunes is right HERE). It’s kind of amazing because according to Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs (check it out if you get a chance), Reed College’s calligraphy course was what got Steve Jobs interested in typography, which ultimately led him to include a number of fonts in Apple computers, completely changing the course of the Graphic Design industry.

Design-centric, amazing stuff, available free on iTunes. When I finally get a chance to sit down, I’m going tear through these lectures. Can’t wait.

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Check out these beautiful hand painted signs by Dan Madsen from Dusty Signs. I like them. I’d like them more if he named his company Dusty Muffin.

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Chalkboard ComparisonCheck out these great hand lettered chalkboard drawings by Brooklyn Graphic Designer, Dana Tanamachi, then check out the chalkboard wall from my old apartment in Brooklyn courtesy of some classy friends during my house warming party.

Dana’s work has been all over the blogs, she’s been commissioned for a number of chalkboard lettering jobs, and can also be found guest lecturing on her work at Universities.

My friends’ work, entitled “/AGINA FART” was commissioned by excessive liquor consumption during a hot, air conditionless September night. You can usually find them guest lecturing to the sober person next to them while drunk at happy hour (you know who you are) and their lewd stick-figures-doing-nasting-things illustrations can be found drawn on bar napkins with their phone number scrawled across them, which are then sent to a stranger down the bar with a well shot and a wink (and you know who you are!).

Check out the full article on Dana over on iDsgn. Check out more shots of my chalkboard being defiled after the fold.

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