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The Anatomy of a Great Resume

Hahaha, Intramurial Poop Champion ’08 – ’09.

(via Mashable)


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Common Cook Infographic

Here’s a really useful infographic by graphic designer, Shannon Lattin.

Super useful! I could have used this when I was messing up a pie dough recipe the other week. I think I’m one of the few US fans of switching to the metric system. Yeah, I said it.

(via Gizmodo)


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Best Jobs in America

Sorry, it’s a little blurry (and the infographic is a little ugly to start with), but this article features an infographic of the best jobs in America. I get the “Online Employee” thing — that sounds nice — but some of them just sound terrible to me ….

Actuary, really? Financial Analyist? Securities Trader? I get it, high median pay … but a lot of them seem like jobs that leave people with a mid-life crisis at some point.

Is there not a better way to try to calculate great jobs where actual happiness is a factor (with median pay being only a contributing factor)?


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The Rise and Fall of Tech Empires

I think Facebook is a little long in the tooth. It’s become more of a chore than something enjoyable and all it takes is a (relatively) small group of core users to leave for it to start it’s decline, which I think is already happening. That’s just my opinion though …

This infographic featured on The Tech Block shows the rise and fall of online empires. Will Facebook make it past this 11-year tech empire bust? They keep f-ing with security and layout changes, so I say they’re not far off. Question is — what’s the next big thing?


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Sustainable Thanksgiving Infographic

I recently had a conversation with my close friend E over at Work Freely Blog about sustainability and how to incorporate it into everyday business practice.

I asked her really pertinent questions like, “What’s that?” and “Can you use smaller words?

Long story short — E’s expertise paid off because she won me over and is going to help me figure out how pick up my sustainability game.

Anyway, I saw this sustainability infographic on GOOD on how to have a sustainable Thanksgiving (or any food-related holiday for that matter) and thought it’d be a great, graphically-inclined post to lead into the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving!


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Hipster Wedding Infographic

If you’ve been to an upstate barn wedding in the past couple years (where some drunk hipster has inevitably peed PBR-remains into one of the charming mason jars), here’s a useful infographic over on Refinery29.

I feel like the next Microsoft Bing commercial will be set at a hipster barn wedding. Or has that happened already?

(Thanks to my trans-Atlantic designer / happy hour / Queens Comfort friend Kat for the heads up!)

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Top Ten Books

After being surrounded by old women at a pool in Florida, I’d say that that horrible Fifty Shades of Gray granny porn dribble is working its way up the charts.

via Jared Fanning on VisualNews

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All creatives want to feel like they’re fiercely original; I suspect this trickles all the way down to when and where they were born (and how amazingly creative they were even as children, blah, blah, blah ) — well this interactive infographic by VizWiz will show you just how common and unoriginal you are/your birthday is!

My birthday just happens to 247th out of 366 which corresponds to a nice-ish tan fleshy color. It is a really interesting infographic, but why did they choose this color range? It’s kind of gross. It kind of looks like a pixelated shot of a … yeah … think Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton exiting a sports car … *SHUDDER*.

Check out the interactive piece from the VizWiz blog here.

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Ugh, we’re a few days out from North Carolina’s EPIC FAIL gay marriage ban.

An interactive infographic from the Guardian visualizing gay rights in the US, state by state, is available here. I think you should forward this along to friends and family.

PS — I’d also like to take the North Carolina skillet and throw it out the window as well.

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Check out this really interesting infographic over on One Block Off the Grid to find out what your state is good at.

Hailing from New Hampshire, I see that my home state is good at having an old state capitol, which in my opinion, is not really an example of us actually being good at something …. Why not mention our great contributions to People of Walmart? Or the time Nashua was mentioned in Good Will Hunting? Or how, thank god, we have more teeth than West Virginia?

Oh, I just realized you can find out whether your state has a good, bad, or neutral energy policy according to the smiley face that appears in the corner of each little module (I guess that was their main intent). Here’s to New Hampshire getting both a lame state fact aaaaand a sad-face energy policy rating. Suck it, Vermont! Our better-looking, cooler, more liberal 69-ing partner!

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Cameron BoothI love this. The US highway system as a London Underground-style subway map by designer Cameron Booth. Super simple, easy to use, wish-I-thought-of-that design. Damn.

Check out the full article on Co.Design.

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