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I’ve loved Hot Chip since my intern days in London and I think it’s been document here before. They’re one of those few groups where I’ll buy their albums regardless because they’re always trying new things.

This is the video from their latest album, In Our Heads. It features a pretty great combination of stuff: video game + footballers + footballers making out. I think that’s a winning combo all around and makes it worthy of a viewing in my book. Enjoy.


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IIIIIIIIIII like this guy.

via DoobyBrain

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Chick-fil-A has been in the news a lot lately, mainly because they are bigots. I found their most recent blunder of impersonating a teenage girl to be hi-lar-ious (check it out here on Gizmodo).

A lot of friends have expressed how they’re no longer going to eat at Chick-fil-A in support of the LGBTQ community, but there’s the one issue that seems to pop up a lot — their sandwiches are delicious. Dah!

That’s where this video comes in! HilahCooking over on YouTube posted this video on how to make a Chick-fil-Gay sandwich. Now you can eat a delicious sandwich WITHOUT supporting some backwards-thinking fast food chain. Anyway, spread the word! People should be cooking more at home anyway, so this, to me, seems like a triple win.

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So INSANELY refreshing to hear a song like “Forrest Gump” by Frank Ocean. Just a boy singing about his longing for a boy.

My favorite Friday Song thus far and officially marked as my summer jam of 2012.

It’s kind of amazing to think that young LGBT kids have a song like this. I can’t rant and rave about it enough.


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Ugh, we’re a few days out from North Carolina’s EPIC FAIL gay marriage ban.

An interactive infographic from the Guardian visualizing gay rights in the US, state by state, is available here. I think you should forward this along to friends and family.

PS — I’d also like to take the North Carolina skillet and throw it out the window as well.

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NYU film student, Alden Peters, released this trailer for his film, Coming Out, that documents his process of coming out as a gay man.

Now normally, if you used the words “NYU” and “student” in a sentence you’d immediately see the start of the F-bomb forming on my lips (DON’T even get me started if they sandwich the word “film”), but this seems like a really admirable project. I think it’s super important for everyone, not just kids, to see that coming out is becoming more and more of a common occurrence and that gay people are … (ready for it?) … normal. people. This film totally helps in that right, so thank you, Alden.

Buuuuut … as a member of the Gay Men’s Purveyors of Good Taste Initiative (it exists only in my head), I have to look out for Alden and let him know — you need help selecting your typefaces, homegirl! The film seems great and I couldn’t come anywhere close in his medium, but Graphic Design is my game and the typefaces for the cities and the end film title need some help. (Gay men can be great purveyors of taste, but we all have our weak areas — I once knew a gay man who wore Sketchers like he owned stock in them. SKETCHERS FOR GOD’S SAKE!)

Anyway, that’s enough for now. I really do have nothing but love for this project, so check out the film trailer if you get a chance.

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