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Location Change!

I’m back in Brooklyn this weekend to be a brides man (not a typo) in my friend’s wedding, so I’m declaring this THE WEEKEND OF LOOOOOOOOOVE and have chosen a Friday Song accordingly.

There aren’t many times in life when the initials of your friends getting married is BJ + JHJ (no joke!), so this Friday love theme goes out to them.

Most of us recognize this song from the stellar Drive soundtrack. I’m not super into the video, but the song has a great porn-groove vibe to it that I love.

Happy Friday, y’all! Love is in the air!!!

Update: It’s an abridged version of the song. Get the full version here complete with hipster-girl-mid-song conversation.


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Terry's Husband


So I’m currently traveling home and I’m at Seoul Incheon for a layover. I sat down down in the lounge ready to get a few posts up not five minutes ago and this Grade-A knob sitting right across from me starts GIVING MOUTH-BIRTH TO SOME OF THE MOST IGNORANT GEMS WHILE ON SKYPE — just felt I had to share them.

Originally, I was going to just set one or two quotes in type and post them as images, but he just keeps going and going, so I took a picture and put together this running list:

– “A Whopper here is like $4000. For some reason all these Asian countries have … like … HUGE currencies.”

– “I have my credit card on me, so I have millions of dollars at my disposal. Do you want me to buy you a new Korean brother to teach you martial arts?”

– “… I am the real minority here today.”

– “I’m going to be glad to come home to a country where we do AM and PM because these Asian countries do 13 and 23 and I don’t know what time of day it is. The numbers get bigger as the day goes on?”

“I went to this market in Thailand and they had all this rotting meat and fish sitting out. It WAS NOT like shopping at Sam’s Club.

These are all direct quotes. YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP … or at least I can’t.

Update: His wife’s name is Terry and calls her “lover”, quoted a Creed song, and did a beard check on his sons and encouraged him / them to grow out similar facial hair. 


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Food and wine in Paris was amazing, but now it’s through the Chunnel and over to London for some pints!

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Off to Paris for a few!

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Back to Brooklyn it is (for a week and a half)! Headed back for the 99% Conference, chase down some freelance stuff, and pour two pints of Yeungling out for my homeboy AIW.

For these next few posts, that little highlight to the right should really say “Bolt Bus” instead of “Boston”. Buuuuuut, travel is travel, so I should be grateful — really looking forward to waking up in Brooklyn.

PS — the video is by Fifty People, One Question.

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Wow? I’ve skipped back over the pond, left beach paradise and am back in the States for a few months to scrape together some dough so I can continue my travels at the end of the summer.

Right now I’m working out of the Granite State and Boston, but will be heading back to good ol’ Brooklyn in a few weeks. I’ll also be meeting some folks in Philadelphia for a couple of potential new projects, and am headed to Chicago for a week. So I’m still trying to keep this me-and-travel relationship spicy by introducing a few new partners into the mix (ew I don’t like how that sounds).

In honor of my homeland, I’ve posted my favorite version of our national anthem. The anthem as sung by the genius that is Maya Rudolph. Pure brilliance.

PS — If you have need any design help, shoot me a line.

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Not a bad place to set up shop — the white sand of Bohol is the finest sand I’ve ever felt! Don’t know why I look so angry … maybe it’s because my MacBook is on its very last legs.

PS — I love a good photo merger, so I had to put the second shot in.

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Off to Ginatilan for some much needed beach (and waterfall) time. Peace out for now!

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Off to Hong Kong for a few days. Egg tarts!

Video by Lam Ho Tak.

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SingaporeOff to Singapore for a few days!

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Kim Jong UnAh, I’m in Korea!

What has two thumbs, speaks limited French, and could really derail my trip?

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