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A Bad Lip Reading of Beyoncé’s National Anthem.

These Bad Lip Reading kids are brilliant — love the ending of this one. I think some of these could sit pretty well in a playlist (e.g. Gang Fight).


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Happy holiday Friday!

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It’s not really a holiday movie, but I usually like watching Beautiful Girls around this time of year (you can check it out streaming on Netflix). Maybe I like it so much because it’s about a guy coming home, then he drinks a lot, sees a couple a-holes he liked, and a couple a-holes he didn’t like.

It’s really the stuff that any Gen-Y kid coming home for the holidays can relate to, and I’m looking forward to doing it in a week’s time.

Anyway, this week’s Friday Song is from that movie. “Beautiful Girl” by Pete Droge & The Sinners. Happy Friday!


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Yoko Ono‘s getting so much attention for her line at Opening Ceremony — my hope is that in the madness of all the fashion publicity, people take time to listen to this beautiful cover by Yoko …


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An appropriate Friday Song for the first Friday in December …

She’s not my favorite person (camel toe!), and it may look like she’s sporting some star-shaped nips, but I do really like this song and this version with Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and some pop-up background singers is pretty brilliant. Happy holidays and Happy Friday!


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This song by Solange Knowles off of her new album, True, is IN-SANE.

The seven tracks on True form a great breakup album, but the closing track, “Bad Girls (Verdine Version),” is my favorite by far. It just has this brooding, synthesizer-clad heartache with an amazing 80’s sensibility. Props to this girl for 1) trying to make it in the shadow of her big sister and 2) actually finding her own sound and doing it really, really well.

I really like Beyoncé, but I think I like this Solange track more than anything out of Beyoncé’s collection. (As a playlist recommendation, place it in a playlist with Desire and College from the Drive soundtrack.)

I just can’t get over it and am completely, completely obsessed. LISTEN!


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iTunes 11

More free stuff for this Weekend of Love!

Apple released iTunes 11 — the design is much improved and is a lot, lot faster apparently. Download it now, seems like they’ve done a pretty good job with the redesign.

If you don’t believe me, BuzzFeed smushed together 3 Ways the New iTunes Sucks Less. It’s a good Friday read because … uh … it’s only 3 items long.


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I’m back in Brooklyn this weekend to be a brides man (not a typo) in my friend’s wedding, so I’m declaring this THE WEEKEND OF LOOOOOOOOOVE and have chosen a Friday Song accordingly.

There aren’t many times in life when the initials of your friends getting married is BJ + JHJ (no joke!), so this Friday love theme goes out to them.

Most of us recognize this song from the stellar Drive soundtrack. I’m not super into the video, but the song has a great porn-groove vibe to it that I love.

Happy Friday, y’all! Love is in the air!!!

Update: It’s an abridged version of the song. Get the full version here complete with hipster-girl-mid-song conversation.


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I’ve loved Hot Chip since my intern days in London and I think it’s been document here before. They’re one of those few groups where I’ll buy their albums regardless because they’re always trying new things.

This is the video from their latest album, In Our Heads. It features a pretty great combination of stuff: video game + footballers + footballers making out. I think that’s a winning combo all around and makes it worthy of a viewing in my book. Enjoy.


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This week’s Friday Song is a good one to listen to when you’re feeling overkill from the holidays.

Happy Friday!


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I’m a little late to this …  but when I left New York over a year ago, my friend E sent me a link to “New York I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down” by LCD Soundsystem. I love the song, but it still brings me the super sads when I hear it.

This viral YouTube duet uploaded by Alessandro Grespan features LCD and Miles Davis and has seemingly been around for a bit, but has been blowing up this week.

You’ll notice in the description that there’s “no editing or other tricks, just 2 youtube videos played at the same time,” which makes it kind of mind blowing. How did this even happen??? Amazing.


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I don’t usually mean to get all slow-jammy with Friday Songs, but I just love this throwback gem. Good way to ease into the weekend.

Happy Friday!

(Sidenote: Any idea what Billy Idol’s rocker lip is looking like these days? I think the last time I saw him was in The Wedding Singer.)

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