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Notabag 1

Notabag 2

I love the concept of Notabag — it’s a convergence of a reusable shopping bag and a backpack.

Companies like, most prominently, Apple, make convergence look easy, but I think it’s really difficult on any level. Things tend to get overly complicated, when merging the functionality of two objects really needs to be kept as simple as possible — think of how many ways you could merge a shopping bag and a backpack and how many ways it could turn into a disaster. Seeing this simple and really useful bag makes me happy. (I could totally use one for travel.)

Notabag is a Kickstarter project by Adnan Alicusic, so if you like it and would like to see it go into production, help fund their project here.


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Fab.com Prep Work

Fab.com has some fab.gear. (Think of it as Gilt, but for design-centric stuff.) We’re super, duper honored that our Short Order Designer Notepads are part of their Perfect Workspace sale from September 21 – 28!

If you’re a member, come check it out. These pads are hot and discounted, so snatch up a few while you can!

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Food and wine in Paris was amazing, but now it’s through the Chunnel and over to London for some pints!

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Paper Pocket

I hate tangled bunches of cords, so this DIY project takes away the rage-diarrhea feeling.

Directions are available on how to make one for yourself. Directions for a pocket that could hold a bottle of whiskey would be supes helpful too, Timothy.

(by Timothy Wikander via Wired Design)

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This is great design in action. Stackable dressers.

I want one. And a variation for shelving a growing liquor bottle collection.

Thanks, Gizmodo.

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Short Order Designer Notepad

When I was little and I would hear “entrepreneur” on TV or in conversation, I always thought they were talking about an actual person called “André Preneur“. I would continually ask myself who this mysterious businessman was …. It took me quite a while to actually learn that they were talking about an “entrepreneur”. #LightbulbMoment

Anyway, after months of trying to get them produced while also traveling, my Short Order Designer Notepads are finally on sale! It’s taken a while to get them right, but I’m really excited about the final product (especially so for the completely unique stamped numbers on each and every page of the print run).

A special note worth mentioning — $1.00 from each notepad sold through my site is being donated to NAMI in memory of my dear friend Andrew, whose love and encouragement made this project possible.

Notepads available for purchase HERE on my website.

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I live and die by my Moleskine planner — I love it, it’s like my child and I’m amazed how one notebook could single-handedly organize my life.

Moleskine already released Lego Moleskines earlier this year that made my heart jump a little, and now they’ve gone and released these Star Wars Edition Moleskines. Totally noner (nerd-boner) inducing. If I wasn’t already married to my planner, I’d get one of these in a second.

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Short Order Designer NotepadThis post truly, truly warrants the creation of a new category for this blog. “STFU!”

Our Short Order Designer Notepads have been featured on Swiss-Miss.com!

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