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“With all due respect that’s a bunch of malarkey.”

Just thought I’d plop these interesting shots side by side.

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Water Wigs 1

Water Wigs 2

Water Wigs 3

Water Wigs 4

Love these Water Wigs images by advertising photographer, Tim Tadder.

#S**t-you-can’t-do-with-a-smartphone-and-Instagram, non?

(via Visual News)

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Vogue Cover

Lady Giggles

Gaga on the cover of Vogue’s September issue. What’s with the shape of her body? Totally ridic when you look at un-doctored footage. Fail.

On another note — the documentary, The September Issue, is still available streaming on Netflix. Check it out for a great insight into the creative process behind the famous Fall issue by Vogue. Really great look into their creative process and you even get a bit of Graphic Design. Grace Coddington, Creative Director, has some great tips on how to work for a difficult boss (i.e. the devil) in there too. I highly recommend it.

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McKayla Maroney Silver Medal

Michael Phelps Silver Medal

Brit Dude Silver Medal

Right before the Olympics started, I declared that McKayla Maroney would be my favorite Olympian because of her amaaaaazing bitchface — now she may have sort of choked and settled for silver, but my heart was absolutely won over when I saw this Yahoo slideshow of athletes “winning” silver. The sheer amount of WTF-face is amazing, but most amazing of all is McKayla Maroney’s. She’s throwing out some Ice. Cold. Betch.

A lot’s been said about the US Women’s Gymnastics team (e.g. “They all have white trash names.”), but I do wish she had won the gold because she’s that amazing on vault, but she is now officially the best Olympian of these games in my book. (Honorable mention goes to Louis Smith for holding up his silver as if it was a turd.)

For more athletes throwing the WTF-face, check out the slideshow here.

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I love it when people take it a step too far. With Photoshop.

Check out the original here.

(via The Whoa)

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Add a little audio of Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” in the background and you’ve got yourself a slideshow gem.

(via TheFW)

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Olympic Diving 1

Olympic Diving 2

Olympic Diving 3

Olympic Diving 4

Olympic Diving 5

NBC’s Olympic coverage is usually pretty bad. Most of the time they’re explaining things as if the average viewer age is two (I’m looking at you Meredith Vieira!).

… but if I was to only see these stills from their coverage of men’s diving, I’d say they’re doing a pretty good job. Or their graphics team is at least. Keep up the good work!

(via BuzzFeed)

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Candice Milon 1

Candice Milon 2

Candice Milon 3

Can you guess the movie by the wardrobe photo?

Photographer Candice Milon shot these for Sport & Style Magazine. Erm, I put up the three that I recognized out of the seven total. I usually fancy myself a trivia master, but my guess of “Britney Spears slut dance from the VMAs” was wrong for the seventh one.

Answers to the above: Marty McFly from Back to the Future, Clockwork Orange, Forrest Gump

(via Visual News)

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Brilliance via Buzzfeed.

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I’ve posted some of Matthias Heiderich‘s work before. His architectural photos are simple and beautiful. This is his latest, titled “Spektrum Zwei”.

Check them out over on Behance.

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Danell Leyva

Daniela Hantuchova

Carlos Bocanegra

A preview of ESPN’s Body Issue: pages and pages of almost-butts (both front and back and a little side-butt), deftly-hidden crotches, and nip slips (men’s only I think)!

The gymnastics shoot with Danell Leyva must have been pretty … interesting (read: FUN). Trampolines! High bar! Splits?

Photo 1: Danell Leyva: Gymnastics (obviously)
Photo 2: Obligatory shot of girl, Daneila Hantuchova: Tennis
Photo 3: Carlos Bocanegra: Football (in the European sense) / Something poo-related

For more preview photos of naked athletes, check out the post on FStoppers.

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The Tickler

Loop the Loop

Bumper Cars

The other night I was having dinner in the East Village and conversation about how f-ing dangerous the rides at Rye Playland are. (I had no idea!)

Buzzfeed has a bunch of great images of 17 Vintage Thrill Rides with Questionable Safety.

Who designed these (almost hilariously) dangerous contraptions? I love roller coasters and all, but #2: The Tickler??? What’s up SNAPPED NECK! Or #15: Bumper Cars??? I bet the lady driving on the left mysteriously couldn’t have children when she t-boned her lady-bits after t-boning her friend’s electrified death sled.

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