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Photoshop Gems

These animated celebrity caricatures are amaaaaaazing. There are 31 in total; some of them are a lot more brutal than others (haha — Mama June and Christina), but those ones in particular are pretty spot-on.

(via BuzzFeed)


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Whore Magazine

Whore Magazine!!! This amazing Photoshop Fail/Gem is via the sublime brilliance that is DListed.

(The magazine is actually called “Where”.)

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I love it when people take it a step too far. With Photoshop.

Check out the original here.

(via The Whoa)

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Brilliance via Buzzfeed.

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This post is partially tagged under “Crappy Photoshop Jobs”, but some of these are pretty damn good. Beardos have been all the rage for a while, so the people over at Freaking News are having a Photoshop contest to see who can slap some face-fuzz onto a lady celeb to make a timeless face-situation.

Take a scroll through, you’re sure to find a few gems that leave you laughing, but also a little confused (both upstairs and downstairs).

Highsnobiety has some of the highlights available for perusing here.

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Angelina Jolie Photoshopped

Everybody and their mother may have already seen this, but I’m just catching up on bits of what happened at the Oscars from this past Sunday.

I don’t know who put this Photoshop job together, but it’s amazing.

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