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Fab.com Prep Work

Fab.com has some fab.gear. (Think of it as Gilt, but for design-centric stuff.) We’re super, duper honored that our Short Order Designer Notepads are part of their Perfect Workspace sale from September 21 – 28!

If you’re a member, come check it out. These pads are hot and discounted, so snatch up a few while you can!

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Wunder Blunder 1

Wunder Blunder 2

Wunder Blunder 3

After designing some notepads for retail and dabbling in leatherwork, I’m always looking for the next simple, clever consumer product idea. This here Wunder Bundler, by Poler Stuff, is definitely a Wish-I-Thought-of-That project.

Warm beers: global issue? No. Warm beers: first-world problem? YES! Love it.

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Griffin Hartland 1

Griffin Hartland 4

Griffin Hartland 2

I’m digging these looks from Griffin Hartland‘s Spring Summer 2013 line.

(via Selectism)

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Carrera Helmet

Carrera Helmet 2

Carrera Helmet 3

Now that fall weather is here, I’ve been doing a little bit of biking (I just can’t bring myself to workout in the summer … back sweat … mouth breathing … it’s not pretty).

I have an oddly-shaped cranium, so this cool helmet design by Carrera is right up my alley. I like the added benefit of it fitting more easily in a bag. Clever design in action.

(via Gizmodo)

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Every year I resolve to improve my posture, so at first I thought this RISR device that works with your smart phone was pretty cool. RISR is “a wearable sensor network that teaches you how to improve your body language through vibration feedback.”

Interesting right? Something that can help you actively engage the right muscles to improve your posture? Neat!!! Except — the video gets really creepy.

– Apparently the nodule right below your neck acts as a sensor. Creepy.
– The sensor is intended to read your selected target. Creepier!
– You pick a mode in the app, such as “Attraction Mode” and the app will guide your body language in that selected manner. CREEPIER!
– Then “the  target will be permanently tracked, and the vibrations give feedback on how to position yourself.” F***ING CREEPY!!!

I think they basic concept of the device and app are really neat, but this thing really went from zero to creepy super quick. I just can’t get around the fact that it has a camera that tracks targets … and it’s kind of weird how they imply at the end that he’s going to have sex with his “target”. What’s he going to do when he takes his shirt off? Well, I’d actually like to see that part. How hard do you think she’d slap him when he explained what it is?

This actually seems like what could be the beginnings of “Sight” by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo:

(RISR via Gizmodo; Sight via Towleroad)

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Planet Lollipops

Love these Planet Lollipops — available on Etsy by Vintage Confections.

(via Highsnob)

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Si Chan Jacket

I love fall fashion, specifically coats and jackets. You can get a lot of milage out of them and I’ve just always loved jacket that makes a statement.

Check this one out by Si Chan, a student from the London College of Fashion.

I like it. I also like that it’s avant-garde, but also utilitarian at the same time — not only will it keep you warm; this thing can also conveniently hold five wieners with the top set actually feeding you as you walk (or sit on your couch). Oh, the possibilities!

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MacBook Pro

AppleCareTo AppleCare or not to AppleCare?

In the next couple weeks I’m going to be taking this pony show back on the road, so I’m trying to order a laptop that I can actually handle all the programs I need for client work (this poor lil’ old guy is currently up for sale).

I’m settled on the MacBook Pro Retina, but do I really need AppleCare? It’s pretty expensive for this laptop — I usually drop a quick no, but this really is the most expensive piece of tech I’ve ever bought. I did the research and it doesn’t include accidental stuff like dropping, kicking, spilling fluids on (gross!), but I’m thinking it might come in handy when I travel because of the global repair help.

Side note: when I was in Asia at the beginning of this year, my MacBook literally became infested with ants. I brought it to a Mac reseller and after they were done giving me crazy judgmental stares, they offered to charge me some ridiculous amount to send it off to the closest Apple repair shop. I ended up just wrapping it in plastic for a few days, squishing the occasional one that would come out of the keyboard, and letting them die off. 

Anyway, I don’t know if anyone actually reads this, but if you have any instances where AppleCare has been super useful or a total waste, comment or let me know! I gotta hit the road to find more travel gems.

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Louis Vuitton seems to be producing these videos profiling specific cities, this one is for LA, titled “When Los Angeles is a Man“.

The job description for the voiceover talent must have just said “BROODING! K, thx bye.

Check out the previously-posted “When Hong Kong is a Woman“.

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Mmmmm shoe porn … I’d love to own this pair of shoes from Alba Prat; it’s too bad this year’s tax return is going to be a giggle, a fart, and a finger point from the man. My shoe-game brings on a major case of the sads. There’s always next year?

More men’s Spring 2012 footwear over on KNSTRCT.

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Rag & Bone

I’m OBSESSED with Rag & Bone’s Northside Duffle Coat.

I got a chance to try it on a week ago when I stumbled into Lane Crawford in Hong Kong (not Lane Bryant!). I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. The picture kind of makes it seem a little Paddington Bear and doesn’t quite do it justice. The fit is AMAZING.

I’ve always liked what Rag & Bone does (they produce a majority of their stuff in the US: here’s a video), but now that I’ve actually tried one of their pieces on, I’m really looking forward to stopping into their Christopher Street store in NYC to try a few more things on. With the quality of the material and the great off-the-rack fit, it just seems like a great investment.

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At the airport and leaving Hong Kong in an hour , headed for Cebu. Definitely one of my most favorite places I’ve traveled to and DEFINITELY my number one favorite city for shopping. It’s funny though — I pretty much have zero photographic evidence that I was actually here.

A million thanks to my extremely gracious host, Tat (she’s running the town at LV, so this one’s for her). Hong Kong’s a city so nice, I’ll have to visit (at the very, super duper least) twice ….

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