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So sad the tales of Lesbian Yellow-Sour-Fruit are ending tonight.

This clip is one of my favs from the series. 1-900-OKFACE. Classic.


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Uhhhh, this ad for Kim Kardashian perfume totally read as “CLAM” when I first saw it in a blog sidebar.

They should have not gone for the art deco thing, or just embraced the much-more-fitting name of “CLAM” seeing as how, you know ….

Also, what’s with being on every side of the box? It’s like she’s trying to shove it down our throa — no, wait, not going there.


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One of the funniest around. Hilarious.


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If you’re a designer and your friends think you drink too much, here’s THE article.

This just made my life.

(Note: if you, by chance, work in HR — PLEASE forward this onto your creative department. It will save both you and your creatives a lot of grief.)

(via Lifehacker)


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Edible Candy Cane Spoons


(via Gizmodo)


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Terry's Husband


So I’m currently traveling home and I’m at Seoul Incheon for a layover. I sat down down in the lounge ready to get a few posts up not five minutes ago and this Grade-A knob sitting right across from me starts GIVING MOUTH-BIRTH TO SOME OF THE MOST IGNORANT GEMS WHILE ON SKYPE — just felt I had to share them.

Originally, I was going to just set one or two quotes in type and post them as images, but he just keeps going and going, so I took a picture and put together this running list:

– “A Whopper here is like $4000. For some reason all these Asian countries have … like … HUGE currencies.”

– “I have my credit card on me, so I have millions of dollars at my disposal. Do you want me to buy you a new Korean brother to teach you martial arts?”

– “… I am the real minority here today.”

– “I’m going to be glad to come home to a country where we do AM and PM because these Asian countries do 13 and 23 and I don’t know what time of day it is. The numbers get bigger as the day goes on?”

“I went to this market in Thailand and they had all this rotting meat and fish sitting out. It WAS NOT like shopping at Sam’s Club.

These are all direct quotes. YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP … or at least I can’t.

Update: His wife’s name is Terry and calls her “lover”, quoted a Creed song, and did a beard check on his sons and encouraged him / them to grow out similar facial hair. 


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I’m a little late to this …  but when I left New York over a year ago, my friend E sent me a link to “New York I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down” by LCD Soundsystem. I love the song, but it still brings me the super sads when I hear it.

This viral YouTube duet uploaded by Alessandro Grespan features LCD and Miles Davis and has seemingly been around for a bit, but has been blowing up this week.

You’ll notice in the description that there’s “no editing or other tricks, just 2 youtube videos played at the same time,” which makes it kind of mind blowing. How did this even happen??? Amazing.


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Whore Magazine

Whore Magazine!!! This amazing Photoshop Fail/Gem is via the sublime brilliance that is DListed.

(The magazine is actually called “Where”.)

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Every year I resolve to improve my posture, so at first I thought this RISR device that works with your smart phone was pretty cool. RISR is “a wearable sensor network that teaches you how to improve your body language through vibration feedback.”

Interesting right? Something that can help you actively engage the right muscles to improve your posture? Neat!!! Except — the video gets really creepy.

– Apparently the nodule right below your neck acts as a sensor. Creepy.
– The sensor is intended to read your selected target. Creepier!
– You pick a mode in the app, such as “Attraction Mode” and the app will guide your body language in that selected manner. CREEPIER!
– Then “the  target will be permanently tracked, and the vibrations give feedback on how to position yourself.” F***ING CREEPY!!!

I think they basic concept of the device and app are really neat, but this thing really went from zero to creepy super quick. I just can’t get around the fact that it has a camera that tracks targets … and it’s kind of weird how they imply at the end that he’s going to have sex with his “target”. What’s he going to do when he takes his shirt off? Well, I’d actually like to see that part. How hard do you think she’d slap him when he explained what it is?

This actually seems like what could be the beginnings of “Sight” by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo:

(RISR via Gizmodo; Sight via Towleroad)

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Fried Pizza

I have a terrible, terrible diet. If I was to ask Miss Cleo who my diet-twin was, she would probably tell me it’s Mrs. Honey Boo Boo Child / Honey Boo Boo Child’s mom / Lady Boo Child IV of Devonshire, or whatever people call her. Point is, I’m like two fat girls trapped in a single man’s body.

When I was at my local bookstore flipping through GQ, fawning over Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I came across this recipe that pretty much made me scream “HOT DAMN!”


The second I read the recipe, I fell in love and made one the next day. I’ve made a quite a few over the last month or so and they’re effing AMAZING. Crispy, soft, not too oily (if your oil is hot enough), and quicker than making a regular pizza! It’s a perfect win-win-win-lose situation — I can’t recommend it enough.

Tonight I’m actually trying it out with wheat dough. Why? I have no idea.

If you want to try it out for yourself, the recipe is available here via GQ.

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Diving #FAIL


Appropriately, his last name is FECK. Worst dive of the Olympics.

Ouch! Haha? Ouch!

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So INSANELY refreshing to hear a song like “Forrest Gump” by Frank Ocean. Just a boy singing about his longing for a boy.

My favorite Friday Song thus far and officially marked as my summer jam of 2012.

It’s kind of amazing to think that young LGBT kids have a song like this. I can’t rant and rave about it enough.


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