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I love Pedro Almodóvar‘s films, so I was already psyched about this coming out … buuuuuut, apparently they opted for “I’m So Excited” to be the English name, so now I’m even more psyched / excited, (psychsited?).

It’s all set on a plane, so I’m going to tag this one as travel.


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These Are Things 1

These Are Things 2

These Are Things 3

I was just doing some Christmas shopping, so naturally I got distracted and found a bunch of stuff for myself.

I LOVE this world map by These Are Things. I’ve been looking for a good map for my office space as a nod to this past year of travel and design. I’ve been looking for a vintage map this whole time, but after seeing this I think I may go vintage-style print.


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So on this quick trip to Asia, I’ve been making these short travel videos using Viddy.

They’re only 15 seconds each and they’re pretty fun to make. I’m really, really hoping to be the next big director a la Tommy Wiseau, this is simply the beginning.

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Food and wine in Paris was amazing, but now it’s through the Chunnel and over to London for some pints!

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Off to Paris for a few!

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MacBook Pro

AppleCareTo AppleCare or not to AppleCare?

In the next couple weeks I’m going to be taking this pony show back on the road, so I’m trying to order a laptop that I can actually handle all the programs I need for client work (this poor lil’ old guy is currently up for sale).

I’m settled on the MacBook Pro Retina, but do I really need AppleCare? It’s pretty expensive for this laptop — I usually drop a quick no, but this really is the most expensive piece of tech I’ve ever bought. I did the research and it doesn’t include accidental stuff like dropping, kicking, spilling fluids on (gross!), but I’m thinking it might come in handy when I travel because of the global repair help.

Side note: when I was in Asia at the beginning of this year, my MacBook literally became infested with ants. I brought it to a Mac reseller and after they were done giving me crazy judgmental stares, they offered to charge me some ridiculous amount to send it off to the closest Apple repair shop. I ended up just wrapping it in plastic for a few days, squishing the occasional one that would come out of the keyboard, and letting them die off. 

Anyway, I don’t know if anyone actually reads this, but if you have any instances where AppleCare has been super useful or a total waste, comment or let me know! I gotta hit the road to find more travel gems.

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Louis Vuitton seems to be producing these videos profiling specific cities, this one is for LA, titled “When Los Angeles is a Man“.

The job description for the voiceover talent must have just said “BROODING! K, thx bye.

Check out the previously-posted “When Hong Kong is a Woman“.

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Ever want to eat a huge pancake in the shape of your home state? (Sorry no huge Alaska one or random-specs-of-Hawaii one.) Well, maybe you haven’t, but these cast iron skillets by FeLion Studios are pretty amazing.

How do you even go about making something like this?! If this was my project, I probably would have taken the Arizona skillet and thrown it out the window.

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These photographs documenting child labor in gold mines in the Philippines by Larry C. Price are stunning in the truest sense of the word. They completely invoke bewilderment.

Check them out here.

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Wow? I’ve skipped back over the pond, left beach paradise and am back in the States for a few months to scrape together some dough so I can continue my travels at the end of the summer.

Right now I’m working out of the Granite State and Boston, but will be heading back to good ol’ Brooklyn in a few weeks. I’ll also be meeting some folks in Philadelphia for a couple of potential new projects, and am headed to Chicago for a week. So I’m still trying to keep this me-and-travel relationship spicy by introducing a few new partners into the mix (ew I don’t like how that sounds).

In honor of my homeland, I’ve posted my favorite version of our national anthem. The anthem as sung by the genius that is Maya Rudolph. Pure brilliance.

PS — If you have need any design help, shoot me a line.

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Not a bad place to set up shop — the white sand of Bohol is the finest sand I’ve ever felt! Don’t know why I look so angry … maybe it’s because my MacBook is on its very last legs.

PS — I love a good photo merger, so I had to put the second shot in.

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This past weekend I had a chance to travel around the south of Cebu, Philippines. It was A-MA-ZING. White sand beaches, waterfalls, night beers by the sea, and swimming with whale sharks.

I highly recommend a trip to Kawasan Falls in Badien. More invigorating than any cup of coffee on planet Earth. Good for the design soul.

PS — You can rent a really nice, 2 full-size bed room by the falls for about $25USD a night. YES, $25USD.


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