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If you’re a designer and your friends think you drink too much, here’s THE article.

This just made my life.

(Note: if you, by chance, work in HR — PLEASE forward this onto your creative department. It will save both you and your creatives a lot of grief.)

(via Lifehacker)


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I’ve been posting on this blog for just under a year and in the last few weeks, I’ve been pretty lazy about putting together new posts. I’ve been completely distracted with recent travel to Asia, taking Instagram photos and making short travel videos, but I’m going to get my s**t together again!

I really thought no one read this thing, but it took a talk filled with Bela Karolyi-level encouragement with my close friend D to make me realize I should plug away. (Her reasoning being that people who try to write a blog typically quit just before the one year mark, which is exactly where I am.)

So this is my sincerest apology to you — iPad cat, accidental page loader, and reclusive twin extreme couponing sisters with a joint AOL email account who all regularly frequent my site — for not posting more in these last few weeks.

I’m going to get back to it and persevere Gen Y-style!

(“Sorry I’m Late” by Tomas Mankovsky)

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Fab.com Prep Work

Fab.com has some fab.gear. (Think of it as Gilt, but for design-centric stuff.) We’re super, duper honored that our Short Order Designer Notepads are part of their Perfect Workspace sale from September 21 – 28!

If you’re a member, come check it out. These pads are hot and discounted, so snatch up a few while you can!

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Don’t Get Screwed Over pretty much nails this one.

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MacBook Pro

AppleCareTo AppleCare or not to AppleCare?

In the next couple weeks I’m going to be taking this pony show back on the road, so I’m trying to order a laptop that I can actually handle all the programs I need for client work (this poor lil’ old guy is currently up for sale).

I’m settled on the MacBook Pro Retina, but do I really need AppleCare? It’s pretty expensive for this laptop — I usually drop a quick no, but this really is the most expensive piece of tech I’ve ever bought. I did the research and it doesn’t include accidental stuff like dropping, kicking, spilling fluids on (gross!), but I’m thinking it might come in handy when I travel because of the global repair help.

Side note: when I was in Asia at the beginning of this year, my MacBook literally became infested with ants. I brought it to a Mac reseller and after they were done giving me crazy judgmental stares, they offered to charge me some ridiculous amount to send it off to the closest Apple repair shop. I ended up just wrapping it in plastic for a few days, squishing the occasional one that would come out of the keyboard, and letting them die off. 

Anyway, I don’t know if anyone actually reads this, but if you have any instances where AppleCare has been super useful or a total waste, comment or let me know! I gotta hit the road to find more travel gems.

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Short Order Designer Notepad

When I was little and I would hear “entrepreneur” on TV or in conversation, I always thought they were talking about an actual person called “André Preneur“. I would continually ask myself who this mysterious businessman was …. It took me quite a while to actually learn that they were talking about an “entrepreneur”. #LightbulbMoment

Anyway, after months of trying to get them produced while also traveling, my Short Order Designer Notepads are finally on sale! It’s taken a while to get them right, but I’m really excited about the final product (especially so for the completely unique stamped numbers on each and every page of the print run).

A special note worth mentioning — $1.00 from each notepad sold through my site is being donated to NAMI in memory of my dear friend Andrew, whose love and encouragement made this project possible.

Notepads available for purchase HERE on my website.

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One of the best things I’ve heard during the last two 99% Conferences:

“The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates, and a monthly salary.”—Fred Wilson

Off to this year’s conference at The New York Times Center and psyched as hell. Above is a video of Behance founder, Scott Belsky, on How to Avoid the Idea Generation Trap.

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Stumbled upon this the day before I’m supposed to have dinner with my lawyer friend to discuss the ins and outs of my freelancer’s contract — it’s a landing page a web designer put up in place of a company’s website after a client never paid them for their work. (A common misconception is that clients own the work once they see it, when in reality they own it only after payment.)

Seems that half the people who comment on the original story on Gizmodo think it’s unprofessional — I think the designer is pretty smart.

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I’ve been loving freelancing. This week I’ve been working with three clients on four projects and it’s just really nice to call the shots and then send the invoices. On Monday I found myself sitting in a cubicle farm before heading out to happy hour — this kind of played in my head.

Never Going Back Again by Fleetwood Mac is a great, great song — especially with the weather on the East Coast getting warmer. Happy Friday!

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Not a bad place to set up shop — the white sand of Bohol is the finest sand I’ve ever felt! Don’t know why I look so angry … maybe it’s because my MacBook is on its very last legs.

PS — I love a good photo merger, so I had to put the second shot in.

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After I get back from Asia and before heading off to Europe, part of my plan is to spend weeks bouncing around cities to see where I want to live when I’m done traveling. I had five amazing years in New York, but I think it’s important to see what’s out there. Change of pace maybe?

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