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Porchetta 1

Porchetta 2

This past weekend I cooked up my first porchetta in preparation for my family’s annual Christmas Eve party. It turned out really, really well (I was surprised), so you better believe I Instragrammed the sh*t out of it.

Surprisingly, making a porchetta wasn’t super difficult! The only thing I’d recommend is having a second set of hands around when it comes to the rolling and tying the lot (you have to roll a pork tenderloin inside a slab of scored pork belly then truss it).

The recipe is from I Am a Food Blog. They have some killer stuff on there. I totally recommend it if you’re stumped as to what to cook during the holidays.


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One of the funniest around. Hilarious.


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If you’re a designer and your friends think you drink too much, here’s THE article.

This just made my life.

(Note: if you, by chance, work in HR — PLEASE forward this onto your creative department. It will save both you and your creatives a lot of grief.)

(via Lifehacker)


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It’s not really a holiday movie, but I usually like watching Beautiful Girls around this time of year (you can check it out streaming on Netflix). Maybe I like it so much because it’s about a guy coming home, then he drinks a lot, sees a couple a-holes he liked, and a couple a-holes he didn’t like.

It’s really the stuff that any Gen-Y kid coming home for the holidays can relate to, and I’m looking forward to doing it in a week’s time.

Anyway, this week’s Friday Song is from that movie. “Beautiful Girl” by Pete Droge & The Sinners. Happy Friday!


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I’m sure it’s much more complicated, but there’s some good design theory to apply in here.

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Notabag 1

Notabag 2

I love the concept of Notabag — it’s a convergence of a reusable shopping bag and a backpack.

Companies like, most prominently, Apple, make convergence look easy, but I think it’s really difficult on any level. Things tend to get overly complicated, when merging the functionality of two objects really needs to be kept as simple as possible — think of how many ways you could merge a shopping bag and a backpack and how many ways it could turn into a disaster. Seeing this simple and really useful bag makes me happy. (I could totally use one for travel.)

Notabag is a Kickstarter project by Adnan Alicusic, so if you like it and would like to see it go into production, help fund their project here.


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Yoko Ono‘s getting so much attention for her line at Opening Ceremony — my hope is that in the madness of all the fashion publicity, people take time to listen to this beautiful cover by Yoko …


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Best Jobs in America

Sorry, it’s a little blurry (and the infographic is a little ugly to start with), but this article features an infographic of the best jobs in America. I get the “Online Employee” thing — that sounds nice — but some of them just sound terrible to me ….

Actuary, really? Financial Analyist? Securities Trader? I get it, high median pay … but a lot of them seem like jobs that leave people with a mid-life crisis at some point.

Is there not a better way to try to calculate great jobs where actual happiness is a factor (with median pay being only a contributing factor)?


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ASOS Chevron Sweater

It’s normal right? When Christmas shopping for others you inevitably find stuff for yourself?

Well, I’m putting it out in the ether that I want this ASOS sweater. I do need something to wear for Christmas and for when I go out in my hometown and see all people from high school I didn’t like looking fatter and more divorced. Tis’ the spirit!

I think it’d look great under a blazer.


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An appropriate Friday Song for the first Friday in December …

She’s not my favorite person (camel toe!), and it may look like she’s sporting some star-shaped nips, but I do really like this song and this version with Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and some pop-up background singers is pretty brilliant. Happy holidays and Happy Friday!


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Here’s a shot of Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic, jOBS.

Good gawd, a terrible title and a terrible actor. This calls for a Liz Lemon-level amount of eye rolling:

Liz Lemon Eyeroll

Get your Razzie speech ready, Ashton!

(via Huffington Post)


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This song by Solange Knowles off of her new album, True, is IN-SANE.

The seven tracks on True form a great breakup album, but the closing track, “Bad Girls (Verdine Version),” is my favorite by far. It just has this brooding, synthesizer-clad heartache with an amazing 80’s sensibility. Props to this girl for 1) trying to make it in the shadow of her big sister and 2) actually finding her own sound and doing it really, really well.

I really like Beyoncé, but I think I like this Solange track more than anything out of Beyoncé’s collection. (As a playlist recommendation, place it in a playlist with Desire and College from the Drive soundtrack.)

I just can’t get over it and am completely, completely obsessed. LISTEN!


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